This is why i'm COOL

Almost over my Sorrows

when the darkness just come, and you feel so empty and nothingness of the art of darkest. always on the go to find the way out. nothing’s more comfort when you are at the door of light and someone is waiting for you to change every thing, someone who is in there and never giving up on you, it feel so good when you have him/her. you are forgiven by your mistakes for you to grow strong and bright. 

but. the thing is, when you are already forgiven you do it with no more mistake by and by it would be alright, and so many many months will pass by what if you could think of something that  you will give up in every situation what would you do? i hope that if it will turn into that kind of situation i would not say things that will end up by doing it again, prayer is the key to enlightenment and by that, it will surely that you will not be misguided… 

when every you feel hopeless and helpless just turn to God and it will make things better again but not just to turn to him whenever you need him. put him into your Soul, Heart and Mind because he is always there, no matter what happen to you always and always pray everyday of your life because he is God - The Father of All Mankind.

and to the people you are being angry to. control your self in every situation because if you do God will do the rest. Patience is an Attitude to do not by sayings. in the bible said: ” its not a sin to get angry when you get angry at sin ” this make sense, its not wrong to get angry at the sin because it is not a sin. 

the bible state the words perfectly because it is True. People like me should change every angles of wrongness because it explain your attitude when you are in the wrong-track of expressing yourself to people, so by that they will Judge you of who you are and what you really are. they could see it. better to do is to get rid of  rudeness attitude because it can kill you (not physically) emotionally.

do it with perfect attitude - try to perfect your wrong behaviors.

people will tell you that you’ve change for good.

your family are proud because of what you’ve become as a fine lady, bright, responsible, optimistic, bright, confident and self reliance and mature to handle in an instance of situation. 

your family will just be overwhelmed because you are you, you change for Good for God.

but remember that caring and give love to others is the most treasure of your life.

always and always put this in mind that without this quotes or shall we say, you’re philosophy in life ” Seeing the Opportunity in Every Difficulty” - that’s an Optimist Person - and i know that its you. 

Learning for what is good

today as i learn new this and different success in life, i therefore conclude that the attitude is more appropriate because it is your character, better to change it step by step, slowly but surely. 

Pray for the needy

at this very day, i didn’t go to school at the afternoon because i had my red blood days and its painful because i had DISMENORRea so what did is…. i just watch A MOVIE CALLED - HOTEL TRANSYLVINIA (hahaha) cool n’ stuff. 

i go to the cathedral church today(afternoon) and i pray. i wanted to be good not a bad girl anymore i mean i love to become a new me, new perspective in my whole life.  because i pray for that. and someday all i wish and pray it will just come. ah but whatever it is- come what may.